A new eSports team that is focused on producing great players that will excell in their respective games. Hi, my name is Velean, the Owner and Founder of Elemental eSports as well as the Mid Laner for the League of Legends Division. I have played on multiple teams before but I got tired of not feeling like an equal. I have since created a team with dedicated players that are committed to excelling in their game of choice. Due to potential legal issues, I have changed the name of the team from EnRage eSports, to what it currently is, Elemental eSports. Origianlly I wanted to have a team souly dedicatied to playing League of Legends, but as I started watching and learning more and more about the eSports scene and all the different games that can be associated with it, I decided it was in my best intrest, as well as the teams, to pursue multiple games and platforms.

Now, of course my dream is for the team to reach the highest ranks of gaming, however, I also want it to be a platform for lower level players to learn and to reach their dream of being a professional eSports player.

I Welcome you to my dream, my eSports team.